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Weekly Roundups and Aggregators on Web Development

Last updated on July 29, 2015 in Development

aggregating weekly roundup

A lot of blogs and sites have a weekly roundup, a collection of articles and links that you might have missed over the week. I have been a big fan of HTML5 Weekly which is an awesome email newsletters with interesting links on web development. Aggregating content in our times of information overload can be helpful and many websites are now built for the purpose of gathering and organizing bookmarks around a topic. Today, I want to aggregate the aggregators, the weekly roundups, and other useful and free resources on web development that you should be following for staying up to date.

HTML5 and JavaScript Weekly Roundups and Collections

HTML5 Weekly
JavaScript Weekly
JsDrip BiWeekly
Node Weekly
JSter Weekly
Ember Weekly
BackBone.JS Weekly
AngularJS Newsletter
Angular-JS Directives
A Drip of JavaScript jQuery Plugins
UnHeap jQuery Plugins

CSS and Web Design Weekly

CSS Weekly
UX Weekly
Radar from UnmatchedStyle
Web Design Weekly
Responsive Design Weekly
Smashing Magazine Newletter
CssAuthor – Web UI Design Resources
Good UI

Other WebDev Weekly Roundups

DB Weekly
NoSQL Weekly
Dart Weekly
Web Tools Weekly
Ruby Weekly
Postgres Weekly
Clojure Weekly
Django Weekly
GoLang Weekly
PHP Weekly
Perl Weekly
Python Newsletter
Python Weekly
.Net Weekly
WordPress Newsletter
Dashing D3.js
HTML5 Games Weekly
WebRTC Weekly
YUI Weekly

Mobile Weekly

Android Weekly
iOS Dev Weekly
Mobile Web Weekly
Objective-C Roundup

Web Components Collections

Google Web Components
Component Kitchen
Custom Elements

Web Development Sub Reddits

JavaScript Forums
HTML5 Forums
webdev Forums
Engineering Forums
Programming Forums
PHP Forums
Python Forums
CSS Forums

More Resources on Technology and Engineering

Web Platform Tools
Hacker Monthly
Mozilla Hacks
Business Development Newsletter
Founder Weekly
DevOps Weekly
Software Lead Weekly
GitHub Explore
Methods and Tools

Twitter Lists:

HTML5 list
Development Design List
Programming list
CSSConf list
Tech list
UX & Design list
UX list
UXers list
UX Design list
iOS Development list
javascript list
JavaScript Ninjas list
dev list
AllWebDev list
web list
development tips list
js css html list
Creative Coding list


API News Rundown from apimetrics
Weekly API Report from apievangelist

More Aggregators:

PopUrls Archive
Web Audio Weekly

What have I missed?

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