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User Agent Strings for Common Browsers

Last updated on July 6, 2012 in Development

Browser Trends for 2012

I needed to do take some screenshots today of a website using different browsers so I looked into PhantomJs to automate this work. Installing and running phantom was very straightforward, just some JS magic, but I needed to drive different browsers and to do that I had to get some User Agent strings.

Lot’s of links on Google but nothing really ideal, so I created my own list for the common browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE9, IE8, IE7, and IE6. Also, realized today that it doesn’t make much sense to run a syntax highlighter on my blog when I can just use GitHub Gist. Here are the browser user agent strings:

If you are looking for a bigger list, here is a nice one for PHP with a random useragent in curl and php example.

While we are on the subject of modern browsers, the Browser Trends for 2012 Graphic is quite interesting. IE sucks so there is no surprise there in decline of IE usage. I was a bit surprised about Firefox decline but I do find it sluggish lately in comparison to Chrome. Opera and Safari are stable and Chrome is getting more and more usage, which is great because Chrome is the best.

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