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Top 20 Bootstrap Tools and Resources

Last updated on July 29, 2015 in Development

Best Bootstrap Tools

Bootstrap version 3 has recently been released and I wanted to cover some useful and interesting Bootstrap tools and resources. If you are currently on Bootstrap 2 or earlier versions, you might be interested in checking out Parashuram Narasimhan’s post that covers Bootstrap’s evolution over the last 2 years. He also has a great Bootstrap performance tool that charts performance metrics for each Bootstrap component for each release. Also, if you are interested in seeing some great websites created with Bootstrap, I really like the Built with Bootstrap showcase of sites and apps.

Here is my list of top 20 Bootstrap tools:

Bootstrap Grid Builder – Jay Kanakiya’s tool for exploring and generating column/row grids based on different devices (phone, tablet, or desktop).

JetStrap – premier interface-building tool for Bootstrap 3.

LayoutIT – layout interface for Bootstrap project.

Bootstrap Live Editor – A WYSIWYG Editor built for Bootstrap.

bootstrap-wysiwyg – tiny wysiwyg rich text editor for Bootstrap

BootsWatch – Free themes for Twitter Bootstrap

Wrap Bootstrap – Premium Themes for Twitter Bootstrap

COSMO – metro inspired theme based on bootstrap.

ShoeStrap – open-source WordPress theme that’s based on HTML5 Boilerplate and Bootstrap from Twitter.

StrapPress – responsive WordPress theme with Twitter Bootstrap 3

angular-strap – Bootstrap for Angular.js

Bootstrap CDN – The recommended CDN for Bootstrap, Font Awesome, and Bootswatch.

Twitter Bootstrap Button Generator – quickly set up buttons based on Twitter Bootstrap.

elusive-iconfont – 271 Sleek vector icons for bootstrap.

Fuel UX – Fuel UX extends Twitter Bootstrap with additional lightweight JavaScript controls.

bootstro.js – setup guided tours with Bootstrap popovers

NOD – Twitter Bootstrap validation plugin

Bootstrap Colorpicker – nice color picker for Bootstrap forms

Bootstrap Multiselect – jQuery plugin for Bootstrap that helps creating select inputs with the multiple attributes

KickStrap – no-install framework to extend Bootstrap with apps, themes, and, extras.

Want to see more tools? Check out this Bootstrap Framework Tool Chest, Bootsnipp’s categorized list of Bootstrap resources, and the huge list of 319 useful Twitter Bootstrap resources.


BlackTie – Free handsome Bootstrap themes
Bootstrap Form Builder that generates HTML for Bootstrap 3

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