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Creating a WordPress Plugin Admin Page

Creating wp plugin options page

If you are building a WordPress plugin, there is a high chance that you want to create a backend page, perhaps a place for Admin settings or options. This post will cover how to do that and I will also build a WP Plugin which has an Admin page that interacts with the WordPress database. The plugin will render a mySQL table in a HTML table with dynamic JavaScript features like sorting, searching, etc. I will show how to include specific JavaScript and CSS files for the plugin Admin page and how to interact with WordPress mySQL tables. The cool think about a plugin admin page is that you can use it test all kinds of WordPress Database queries.
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Online Screenshot Generator with Imgur

wp screenshot service

As I have mentioned previously, WordPress has a great screenshot service that allows you to make quick screenshots from any valid url. The image above is a WordPress generated screenshot, just look at the source of this page. People like to visualize things, so screenshots in articles can improve the user experience and it’s nice to offload the work to a third party (WordPress). However, dynamically generated screenshots have a performance cost and it’s kind of wasteful to keep asking WordPress to regenerate the same screenshot when my use case only needs a screenshot generated once.
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A-Z Category Index WordPress Plugin

Category WordPress Plugin

If you have a lot of categories on your WordPress website, you might want to organize these categories by each alphabetical letter. In other words, build an A-Z index that allows an end user to click on any letter, which then loads a page that lists all the categories that start with that letter. This is often the design or interaction in music websites which deal with many artists and albums.

I noticed that some people have been looking for this type of WordPress plugin but most of the plugins I have found for such organization have been developed around posts not categories. So, I decided to build this plugin, but more importantly, document the process, as this WP plugin will make a new table in the database, runs queries, hook into WordPress actions, leverage a page template, and much more.

My first thought is that you could manually create this A-Z index, create all the pages for each letter, create a template file for these pages where you would grab all the categories and loop through them to retrieve the correct categories per letter. The small problem with that approach is that it is manual work and the big problem is that it is not going to perform very well when you have 100s if not 1000s of categories.
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Starter Themes and Frameworks for WordPress

Best WordPress Starter Themes

Do you use any frameworks or starter themes when creating a new WordPress theme? In the past, I would usually start with Twenty Ten or Twenty Eleven and slowly strip things out before adding my own HTML and CSS. Recently, however, there has been a lot of development into frameworks and starter themes which are designed to put you in a better starting point in theme development. Many of these frameworks are based on HTML5, better SEO, and blank structure which lets you just focus on the essentials. Here are the best 5 of these free WordPress frameworks:
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WordPress Import XML Example

WordPress WXR Import Example

I have been importing some posts into WordPress and wanted to share an example of simple XML code that you can use for Import. It has just the essential fields and lets you add a post, category, and tag in XML format. When importing, select the WordPress option because RSS option will not add categories and tags.
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Bootstrap WordPress Theme

Bootstrap WordPress Theme

New Free WordPress Theme: WP-bootstrap, Bootstrap WordPress Theme

I love Bootstrap, it’s essentially just one awesome CSS file, a great base for typography, forms, buttons, tables, grids, navigation, and more. It’s fast and well written, plus it is cross-browser optimized. Right now Bootstrap is not available for WordPress on the WordPress Free Themes Directory so I decided to develop the theme and offer it for free.
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Yahoo Suggest WordPress Plugin

Google Suggest API

I plan on building more WordPress plugins in the future, so this is a quick plugin I put together to get comfortable with developing for WordPress. This is my first journey into the WP world and I will start by creating a simple WP suggestion plugin. I am referring to search suggestions, the auto suggestion terms that search engines give you as you type into the search box. This autocomplete functionality tries to predict what you mean by displaying search queries based on search term popularity (among other factors) so this data has some value.
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