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Useful SQL Queries and Commands

Best mySQL queries

At some point you will need to store data in a database and this blog post should help you get familiar with a SQL database like mySQL (there are other SQL databases like PostgreSQL). I want to cover some basic concepts like setting up the database, specifying proper structure or schema, and playing with tables, columns, and rows. I will focus mostly on SELECT queries but also cover INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, plus some math functions and regular expressions. I feel like learning SQL seems scary at first so I am hoping that this quick guide will alleviate some of these fears. I will use SQLfiddle (website for testing and sharing SQL queries) and the concept of a blog to work through some common mysql examples and database concepts.
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30 Code Playgrounds and Sharing Tools

code toolbox

Most people know about jsFiddle because it is an amazing tool that allows you to quickly test and share small pieces of code. No wonder my jsFiddle examples post is getting a ton of traffic. But, there are many other awesome web based sandbox testing tools that you might find useful. Did you know that there are SQL and NodeJS sandboxing tools out there? It is so convenient to quickly mess around with code online and collaborate with other programmers. Below you will find some of the best free code playgrounds and sandboxing tools for testing, debugging and sharing your code snippets (I put my favorites in bold).
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