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Exploring GitHub Repositories

Exploring GitHub

GitHub is awesome. It’s a great place to store your projects and it’s an excellent revision system. You can setup a page on GitHub, use GitHub as a CDN, and use their Gists for quick snippets of code. But, I personally use GitHub the most for exploring and finding great projects, libraries, plugins, frameworks, and more. You can start with their explore page but today I want to share some advanced search features which really help in finding interesting projects on GitHub.
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Smarter Search Chrome Extension

Smarter Search

I have recently realized that I waste a lot of time in extra clicks when I need to search for something on a soecific website. If I want to search on youtube for a video, I first open a new tab in Chrome (my favorite browser), I go to youtube, I find the search box, I insert my search term into the search box, and finally, arrive at my destination. It would be nice to make this process quicker.
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