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Automate Pinterest Pinning with CasperJS

Auto Pin on Pinterest Script

How do you pin photos on Pinterest automatically? I have covered some elements of the Pinterest API before, but I did not expose the endpoints necessary to pin via the API. None of that is yet publicly available but it got me thinking about doing more programmatically on Pinterest in general. What would it take to automate the process of pinning an image automatically? I think a simple solution is to use a headless browser and recreate the steps to make that happen. Lets go over a simple script that will login into Pinterest, retrieve an image from an external source, add pin it to a board with a pin description.
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Most Repinned Pinterest Pins by Website

pinterest api

I was playing with the Pinterest API today and I think it can be quite helpful in gathering some interesting data on websites and pins. One of the things you can do is list the most repinned photos for any domain over a certain time period. Since I have previously talked about the most popular websites on Pinterest, I now want to expand on that and list the most popular pins from the top Pinterest domains. RJmetrics recently did some analysis on most shared Pinterest websites so I will leverage that data for the 5 out of the top 20 domains on Pinterest. I will use the Get the most repinned Pins endpoint to get our results.

Most Repinned Pins for Most Popular Websites on Pinterest
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Using the Pinterest API

Pinterst API documentation

Today, I hit 1000 Pinterest followers and decided to make a post about the service. 1000 followers is not much, but considering that I remain anonymous and haven’t done anything special to get followers, I think it’s noteworthy. I probably spend 30 minutes in the morning pinning images I like and that’s it. I wonder how long it will take me to hit 2000. Not following more people and not getting more involved in community boards is not helping, but I might change that soon. With all that being said, this post is about the Pinterest API.
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Sorting Pinterest Pins by Likes and Repins

Pinterest Analytics

Get the latest and updated code here

Now that we have private boards on Pinterest, I really want to see more filters, analytics, and user messaging added to the website. It would be also very sweet if they could release an API. In the meantime, you can write some quick JavaScript which would allow you to sort your pins. jQuery is already loaded on the website so you can leverage that to write less code to make the sorting work. If there is enough interest, I can create a chrome extension out of this, or an bookmarklet, but for now, I am just going to show how to sort pins by running JavaScript code in the console of Chrome web developer toolbar. Since everything is happening on the front-end, first we need to decide if you want to organize and sort one board or all of your pins. On my pinterest account, this would be either a board page or all pins page. Next we need to load up all the pins.
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20 Pinterest Boards on Development

Pinterest Web Development Boards

Since Pinterest just completed a 200 million funding at 2.5 billion dollar valuation, I wanted to write something about the service. Personally, I do use the website and I like it, it’s a place where I find a lot of interesting history photos, travel pics, and infographics. Many of these images come from Tumblr, Flickr, and other social sites but I still like the organization and features that Pinterest provides.

There is even some design inspiration but you will not find many development and programming boards. This makes sense, but just for fun, here are 20 Pinterest Boards on WordPress, jQuery, PHP, CSS, ruby, mobile and other aspects of web development:
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Most Popular Image Sources on Pinterest

popular picture sources on pinterest

Have you ever wondered where do most of the photos on Pinterest come from? What are the most popular Pinterest photo sources? While Tumblr, Flickr, and Etsy make sense, I was surprised to see recipes websites make the top 10 (but I guess that is due to my lack of interest in food recipes – it also explains their acquisition of PunchFork).

Zoomsphere collects a lot of interesting data on social sites and below you will see the top 12 most popular websites (image sources) on Pinterest:
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