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HTML5 Web Audio API Demos and Libraries

Web Audio API

As I was putting together my dancerjs demo, I realized that HTML5 has really pushed the ability to work with audio in the browser. I think that was done mostly for HTML5 games but the Web Audio API can really be used to execute some amazing concepts that mix visuals with sound. For example, check out Dinahmoe’s Plink or Jacob Seidelin’s canvas music visualization. If you like these, take a look at Felix Turner’s awesome Audio Reactive Waveform with Web Audio API and Three.js.
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Sound Visualization and DancerJS

DancerJS Demo

Last night, I found Jordan Santell’s DancerJS, a high-level audio API created to make cool visualizations. I was impressed and wanted to make something with it by using the onKick and offKick callbacks. When I started looking at the code, however, I did not like the way it was all put together. I’m not referring to the actual JavaScript code, but just the amount of individual scripts loaded in the main HTML example. I guess it’s a small personal annoyance, but right away I thought that all the necessary Dancer JavaScript code should live in one file and the code that tells DanceJS to do something should be inlined into the html file. That way you can quickly see how everything works and reuse.
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