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Reverse Geocoding on ModestMaps

Reverse GeoCoding

I have previously shown how to do reverse geocoding with MaxMind and now I want to show how to leverage a geocoding web service to visualize locations on a map. I have already done a ModestMaps with API calls and markers example in the past so I can leverage that to create this demo. Instead of using Google Maps Geocoding, I am going to use GeoNames Web Services and render the results on a ModestMap for comparison with MapBox image tiles.
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Concerts Map with SongKick API and ModestMaps

Concerts Map with SongKick API

It’s time for another JavaScript mapping library and data visualization demo so today I wanted to take a look at ModestMaps with some real-time data. I was just looking for concerts around my area and stumbled on SongKick so this demo will use the SongKick API for concerts data. ModestMaps comes from the makers of MapBox and it looks really simple and clean with GitHub hosted API docs and examples you can easily download. The idea is to load a simple map, process the end users geolocation and position the map to that location, initiate a call to SongKick API for concerts in that location, and show the results in an overlayed panel, while allowing the end user to plot each concert on the map. Lets get started.

Final Demo: Find Concerts per Geo Location on a Map

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