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Weekly Roundups and Aggregators on Web Development

aggregating weekly roundup

A lot of blogs and sites have a weekly roundup, a collection of articles and links that you might have missed over the week. I have been a big fan of HTML5 Weekly which is an awesome email newsletters with interesting links on web development. Aggregating content in our times of information overload can be helpful and many websites are now built for the purpose of gathering and organizing bookmarks around a topic. Today, I want to aggregate the aggregators, the weekly roundups, and other useful and free resources on web development that you should be following for staying up to date.
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Internet and Website Trends with HTTParchive

website trends

In my last web performance tools article I have mentioned Ilya Grigorik’s Bigqueries forum where people can share and discuss interesting queries on the HTTParchive. These queries can give us some insight into internet trends and the state of the web. Today, I wanted to share two of my favorite queries from that forum and follow up with some of my own queries to identify some interesting website trends. I have decided to execute my queries in MySQL with the latest imported HTTParchive dump. This is mostly because I am constantly running into limits with using the HTTPArchive database on Google BigQuery.
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List of Available 3 Letter Word IO Domains

available 3 letter word .io domains

Last time I covered .io domains in Alexa 1 Million list and now I want to explore available .io domains for three letter words. Some of these words are weird and the definitions have been automatically generated using this page but it looks like there are still over 200 3 letter unregistered io domains. These domains are generally sold for about 90 USD but using the links below, you can get them for only 49 dollars:
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IO Domains in Alexa Top 1 Million

Available IO domains

There seems to be a trend with recent startups and interesting dev projects jumping on the .io top level domain names. One can assume that it has to do with the connotation to input-output or I/O abbreviation in programming. Ofcourse, .io is the domain name for the Indian Ocean territory, an archipelago somewhere between Africa and Indonesia. There are some good lists of IO domains out there but have you ever wondered how many io domains are in Alexa? Alexa attempts to estimate the popularity of websites and they provide a list of 1 million domains for free. Here is a list of over 400 .io domains in the Alexa Top 1 Million list ordered by Alexa rank:
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Collection of Great StackOverflow Answers

Best StackOverflow Questions and Answers

I have been recently reading about some complaints regarding StackOverflow which I cannot agree with as I think SO is an amazing resource and I have had no trouble in getting good answers very quickly on that platform. I also really like how you can run all kinds of queries on StackOverflow data which is very helpful. This allows you to generate some interesting Stack Overflow stats, graphs, and visualizations. Personally, I was interested in collecting some noteworthy programming questions and answers. Here are some of my hand picked StackOverflow links:
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Top 20 Bootstrap Tools and Resources

Best Bootstrap Tools

Bootstrap version 3 has recently been released and I wanted to cover some useful and interesting Bootstrap tools and resources. If you are currently on Bootstrap 2 or earlier versions, you might be interested in checking out Parashuram Narasimhan’s post that covers Bootstrap’s evolution over the last 2 years. He also has a great Bootstrap performance tool that charts performance metrics for each Bootstrap component for each release. Also, if you are interested in seeing some great websites created with Bootstrap, I really like the Built with Bootstrap showcase of sites and apps.
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50 JavaScript Libraries and Plugins for Maps

Javascript frameworks for Maps

I really like maps and today I want to list some of the best JavaScript frameworks, plugins, and libraries for making maps. Over the last few months, I have written a bunch of articles and demos on some of these JS mapping libraries but creating this compilation has opened my eyes to many more map APIs, jQuery plugins, and mapping solutions that I have not previously seen. Some of these map tools can really reduce the amount of effort needed to produce interactive maps. Many of these tools allow you to implement all kinds of dynamic maps with just a few lines of code. Here is a list of the top 50 JavaScript libraries and tools for making maps:
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