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Rediscover Great Content with Internet Archive

internet archive js10k links

Sometimes I go to my saved links and the website is no longer there or it has been parked, sold, or transformed into another project. This has recently happened when I wanted to revisit a neat air traffic controller game called Air Strike (notice the link goes to Wayback Machine). This game was submitted to the 10K Apart competition where participants show off some amazing web experiences written in under 10k of JavaScript code. It looks like the competition is happening again but the old demos are all gone.

Thanks to the Internet Archive, you can find a lot of static content that once existed and today I want to show 20 amazing JavaScript projects from the older JS10k competition that you can still check out (Some of these require clicking “Load Unsafe Scripts”):
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Awesome JS10K HTML5 Games

best html5 games

It’s 2015 and I wanted to follow up to an older post on HTML5 games with a new listing of some amazing, simple, and addictive games written in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. I have been a fan of 10K Apart and the contest has a lot of great games that have been developed in very little code. This often includes all kinds of compression, minification, and even using JavaScript code inside of images to reduce the total size of the project. Its amazing how much you can create in just 10k of code. Here are my favorite 35 HTML5 games from this contest:
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D3 World Map Game

World Map Geography Game

Guess the Country Game

After creating my last D3 game, I wanted to follow up with a similar concept but focus more on country names and zooming animation. It’s basically a recreation of Mike Bostock’s World Tour but in a game format with some extra features, like zooming into a country, keeping score, and providing hints. Most of the code has been re-implemented from my other D3 demos and I have added capitals data directly into the TopoJSON. Let’s look at the code.
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Geography Game with D3

D3.js Geography Game

Drag and Drop SVG Geography Game

I wanted to write a game for a while, so today I decided to create a geography game with D3.js. The idea is to let the player drag and drop territories into their appropriate place on the world map. The map is rendered using the Robinson projection and only the top 100 territories are chosen according to land area. These 100 “countries” are shuffled on each refresh and upon a successful drop, the land changes color to green. If the player makes a mistake, a hint is provided: all the countries that border the selected country. The player has one more try to drag the land into the right place or the land turns red, animates on its own to the right place, and the next territory is loaded. The goal is to get a perfect score and learn where every country is located on a map. Let’s look at the code.
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HTML5 Game Engines and Frameworks

HTML5 game engines
Image by Michel Rousseau

If you are creating HTML5 games, it makes a lot of sense to start out with some game engine or framework. The good news is that there are many free HTML5 game engines and frameworks out there, from very minimal to pretty complex. Below I will cover some of the most popular HTML5 game frameworks and I will also cover particle systems, game tutorials, examples, and demos. To start, I think it makes a lot of sense to take a step back and watch these slides on HTML5 game development.
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10 Must See HTML5 Games

Best HTML5 Games

I rarely play games but I find it amazing how technology has progressed to a point where you can play awesome games with just HTML5. Most of these games have been developed in flash in previous years but everything is slowly moving to html5 and css3. I was recently amazed at how addictive some of these games are, even the really simple ones. Here is a collection of 10 games that I like the most:
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