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How to Convert a Bookmarklet to a Chrome Extension

Converting Bookmarklet to Chrome Extension

Bookmarklets, or the ability to execute your own JavaScript code on any page, allows you to customize your browsing experience in many ways. A while ago I wrote some JS code that would simply remove all content from any page and only show images with zoom on click functionality. It works well as a bookmarklet but I wanted to see how easy it is to package this into a Chrome Extension. I am doing this for fun but there are some strong reasons like access to cross domain resources, access to network requests, and ability to share with others via the Chrome Store.

Here are some simple steps that show how to convert JavaScript code into a Chrome Extension
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Smarter Search Chrome Extension

Smarter Search

I have recently realized that I waste a lot of time in extra clicks when I need to search for something on a soecific website. If I want to search on youtube for a video, I first open a new tab in Chrome (my favorite browser), I go to youtube, I find the search box, I insert my search term into the search box, and finally, arrive at my destination. It would be nice to make this process quicker.
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