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Sample Files for Development

Example Files for Development

I have been getting a lot of traffic to my HTML5 sample video files post so I wanted to follow up with a general post that covers a multitude of sample files that are often needed in web development. I often also search for samples when testing and putting together different demos so I think this should be helpful to others. Below I will provide sample files for various image formats, video files, data structures, fonts, and even specific web development files.
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HTML5 Web Audio API Demos and Libraries

Web Audio API

As I was putting together my dancerjs demo, I realized that HTML5 has really pushed the ability to work with audio in the browser. I think that was done mostly for HTML5 games but the Web Audio API can really be used to execute some amazing concepts that mix visuals with sound. For example, check out Dinahmoe’s Plink or Jacob Seidelin’s canvas music visualization. If you like these, take a look at Felix Turner’s awesome Audio Reactive Waveform with Web Audio API and Three.js.
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