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Smarter Search Chrome Extension

Last updated on June 19, 2012 in Development

Smarter Search

I have recently realized that I waste a lot of time in extra clicks when I need to search for something on a soecific website. If I want to search on youtube for a video, I first open a new tab in Chrome (my favorite browser), I go to youtube, I find the search box, I insert my search term into the search box, and finally, arrive at my destination. It would be nice to make this process quicker.

At the same time it just made sense for me to create the first extension as a solution to the “problem” mentioned above. The idea is that I just want to type in a search term into the omnibox (Chrome Address Bar) and I can select a specific website in the autocomplete which will take me to the search results page of that website in a new tab.

After looking at the Get Started page, dev guide, and some of the chrome extension samples, I realized that chrome extensions are pretty simple to develop and publish.

Check out SmarterSearch and let me know what you think.

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