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Last updated on July 29, 2015 in Design

icons and buttons

I was looking at some icon Pinterest boards and it inspired me to start a collection of Icon and Button resources. I have found some neat icon and button sets but I have also found some new websites that specialize in creating your own icons from web fonts. I am focusing on only free resources below but I did want to mention ShiftIcons, as it is pretty cheap and very easy to create your own custom icon web fonts. Pictos is another good example and their server offering is currently free for the first 10 days. Here are all the other custom font and icon resources:

IcoMoon – a package of vector icons, along with a free HTML5 app for making custom icon web fonts.

Community ICONS – project that aims to create a common stock of user interface icons

Font Custom – tool that lets you generate custom icon webfonts from the comfort of the command line. It takes your SVG or EPS icons, converts them into a webfont, and generates the relevant CSS to use them.

CSS Code Snippets – a collection of free GUI components coded with HTML5, CSS3, and Sass/SCSS

200+ “Reflection” Icons – free download of 208 icons for mobile apps and websites from MightyDeals

Font Awesome – one font, 249 icons, all free and designed for Twitter Bootstrap

The Noun Project – Awesome resource for sharing and downloading of visual symbols

Elusive Icons – 271 Sleek vector icons for Twitter Bootstrap

CSS Button Generator – Beautiful Buttons for Twitter Bootstrap.

Zocial CSS3 Buttons – great collection of social buttons

Customizable CSS Buttons – pressure style buttons in CSS

Weather Icons – Multi-coloured, scalable icons using web fonts

High-res Browser Logos – browser logos from Paul Irish

jQuery UI icon name map – helps you quickly find a specific icon from the default jQuery UI iconset.

CSS3 Microsoft-Modern Buttons – a very small, simple and clean CSS3 library to make metro-looking buttons used by Microsoft, even works with Twitter Bootstrap

Google Plus UI Buttons with CSS3 – easy to implement framework of Google+ styled buttons, icon buttons & dropdown menu buttons that look and work great in web applications.

fat cow 3000 free icons – a collection of free icons

300 Free Retina Icons

Icon Fonts

Flat Icon Fonts

Generate custom icon webfonts from SVG/EPS files via Grunt

Open Source SVG Image Icons

Meteocons – Weather Icons


Glyph – a semantic and versatile SVG icon set designed for customization

Can you think of any other Icon or Button resources that I can add to this list?

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