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Regular Expressions Resources

Last updated on June 19, 2013 in Development

regex examples

Lately, I have been working a lot with regular expressions and today I want to expand on my Best Programming Cheat Sheets post and Grep, Awk, and Sed post and list some great resources on finding useful Regex patterns and examples. If you are just starting out in Regex land, I would highly recommend reading through Smashing Magazine’s Guide to Regular Expressions and practice some patters with RegexPal or JS Regex Tester. These tools are really useful in testing and validating different patterns so keep them in mind as you browse through the Regex resources below:


JavaScript Regular Expression Enlightenment
Learn regular expressions with interactive examples
Collection of Regular Expressions
WikiPedia List of Regular Expressions
PHP and Regex
Regular Expressions in Python
JavaScript Guide to Regular Expressions
Regular Expressions in Perl
Advanced Regular Expressions
30 Useful Tools for Regular Expressions
Example Driven Guide to Regex
Regular Expressions in SQL
Simple RegEx GUI


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