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Minimalist WordPress Theme

Last updated on June 10, 2016 in Development

Professional and Minimalist WP Theme

I’m back and happy to announce a new WordPress theme that I have created called Minimalist which you can see on this blog. Why? Because almost all WordPress themes focus on nice design and flexibility while killing performance. It looks great on the cover but then you dig in and see a lot of garbage in the source code, ridiculous amounts of database calls, a large amount of files, and plugins needed for simple stuff. Most of it is not needed.

Minimalist is simple, fast, responsive, and SEO optimized WordPress theme that can be used out of the box or as a great starting point for WP theme development. I only tweaked a few things and applied it on this blog.

Minimalist is composed of 3 core files (index, style, and functions). Technically, functions.php is not necessary, but it allows us to get rid of a lot of crap that WordPress adds to the page like wp_generator, all kinds of rel links, and other garbage. It also allows me to make some quick fixes like better titles for SEO, custom “read more” links, custom search functionality, etc. It’s under 50 lines of code!

Next we have index, which is used for all pages, posts, categories, archives, 404s, etc. Instead of splitting these into individual files, I am leveraging a few WordPress conditionals to show different content and look for different page types. The head loads a custom font for good typography, properly structured titles, and meta description from a custom field if it is set. The header shows the blog logo, blog description, search form, and a tag cloud. The main body displays blog posts according to search results, category results, tag results, archives, etc with a custom “read more” link. I have setup conditionals for 404s, tags, categories, and single.

All of this is less than 100 lines of code.

What about comments? Why would you want to manage that with plugins for things like spam and recaptcha when you can just drop a free 3rd party service like Disqus using a code snippet? I have been happily using Disqus for a while so lets keep things modern and remove that code, plugins, and mysql queries. The stylesheet is basic, with just some key style definitions and a media query to handle responsive web design.

Delivered with WTFPL license so grab it, use it, modify it:

Minimalist Theme for WordPress

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