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List of Autocomplete Plugins and Libraries

Last updated on September 3, 2015 in Development

autocomplete jquery plugins

I have been searching around for some good jQuery autocomplete plugins or any other JavaScript autocomplete micro frameworks and wanted to share my results. I initially wanted to use datalist since it is part of the HTML5 spec but lack of Safari support is not ideal. I’ve also had some issues with click events on a datalist and my needs really require a database with the autocomplete so I started looking for some other scripts. If you are not using a database and the list is relatively small, you could implement something like jQuery live search, flexselect, or a searchable dropdowns but this list focuses on a more complete solution where you need to query a backend to retrieve and filter results. Here is a list of over 30 of the best jQuery and pure JavaScript autocomplete scripts, plugins, and libraries:

typeahead.js fast autocomplete library from Twitter JavaScript library for autocompletion
Marco Polo jQuery Autocomplete plugin
bassistance jQuery Autocomplete Plugin
jQuery UI Autocomplete Widget
jQuery TextEXT Tag Input and Autocomplete
YUI Autocomplete
jQuery TokenInput Autocomplete
jQuery Manifest Input Autocomplete
Inputosaurus Text Input with Autocomplete

Live Search 2.0 with Ajax
Ajax AutoComplete for jQuery
glAutoTag lightweight auto-complete and tags plugin for jQuery
Autocomplete Widget for jQuery Mobile
Autosuggest jQuery Plugin
jQuery Cool Auto-Suggest
dhtmlxCombo JavaScript combobox with autocomplete
VisualSearch.js enhances search boxes with autocomplete faceted search queries
jQuery PHP Ajax Autosuggest
SearchBox jQuery live search autocomplete

FCBKcomplete facebook-like dynamic inputs with auto complete
selectToAutocomplete enhances select tags with autocomplete features
jQuery Plugin Auto Complete
jQuery Smart Auto Complete plugin
Select2 jQuery select tag with autocomplete features
selectize.js textbox and select box hybrid with autocomplete
Ajax Search Suggest
Autocompleter for MooTools with JSON, PHP, and MySQL PDO
Simple Ajax Live Search
Search suggestion with PHP and MySQL


selectivity – Modular and light-weight selection library for jQuery and Zepto.js
horsey – Progressive and customizable autocomplete component


Autocomplete with Rails and Select2
Autocomplete with Java
LiveAddress API jQuery Plugin
jQuery MyPlaces Plugin with Autocomplete for Google Maps Autocompletion Service
jQuery SpellChecker
jquery-addresspicker using google map geocoder suggestions

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