Image to SVG to GeoJSON Converters

SVG and JSON converters

Often times, you find the data that you need in a format that you don’t want. Perhaps, you are looking for GeoJSON but the data is in a ShapeFile, or you need an SVG format but you can only find a bitmap image. Maybe you need to convert an SVG to JSON, or CSV to TSV, or something else. Either way, converters are really useful to convert the same data to a format that integrates with your application and I wanted to start a collection of different kinds of great data converters that I have found online. Recently, I have even wrote my own converter and some of that work has inspired this post.


Inkscape – Open Source vector graphics editor with lots of features.
Potrace – a tool for tracing or transforming a bitmap into a smooth, vector graphic.
MapShaper – online ShapeFile Editor
Geography Markup Language – wikipedia article on geographic markup
grunt-webfont – Generate custom icon webfonts from SVG/EPS files via Grunt
JSON Editor Online – great JSON edit tool

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  • Geetha – Another online utility tool that helps to convert, edit, and save svg images to .svg, .png, .gif, and .jpg formats.

    • iweczek

      Thanks Geetha, looks really nice.