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Go Examples and GoLang Resources

Last updated on August 21, 2014 in Development

Go Language Demos and Examples

I have been working on a pretty large project with Go in the last few weeks and wanted to dedicate a blog post to various GoLang examples, demos, and resources. A tour of Go was certainly helpful in getting started and the Go Playground is very useful for quick code examples, but there are more blogs, forums, and resources that can really help when developing with the Go Language. Here is what I found helpful:

Go Playground Code Shares

Write to a File in Go
Walk through directory recursively in GoLang
Iterate through directory and files in Go and return as array
Get Current Directory in Go
Write to filesystem in Go with Bufio
Read a file from the filesystem with Go
Convert int64 to string
decoding JSON in Go Lang
Decode and iterate through JSON objects in Go
Append to array in Go
Go Lang string find and replace
Math Functions in Go
Handling CSV in Go Lang
Decoding JPEG and examining pixels in Go

GoLang Decks and Slides

Go Lang Tutorial
Getting to know Go
Intro to Go Language
10 Reasons to be Exited about Go
Intro to Go
Rewriting a Blog in Go
Go: Beyond the Basics
Building web applications with Go
Introduction to The Go Programming Language

GoLang Blogs

The Go Blog
GoLang Examples on Tumblr
Go Language Examples
Dave Cheney on Go
Go Lang Tutorials
Alex Edwards on Go Lang

Go Language Groups and Forums

GoLang Nuts Group
LinkedIn Go Lang Group
GoLang Reddit Page

More Go Lang Resources

Go Language Community Wiki
The Go Lang Book
Go by Example
Collection of resources for programmers trying GO
GitHub GoLang Repositories
Learn to Program in Go
GoLang Weekly Email Newsletter
Go Lang on Scoop It
GoLang on Tumblr
StackOverflow GoLang Questions
Google App Engine Go Samples
FlipBoard GoLang Magazine
Inheritance in Go
Go Lang Notes

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