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Geo Data Resources

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Geo Data Resources

You might have recently heard about Obama’s executive order to open government data and this made me want to dedicate a post that aggregates various sources for geographical data. The US Government’s website currently has over 200,000 datasets and I am impressed at the available formats and filtering capabilities. There are over 400 data sets on The health data community has over 800 data sets and the U.S. Census Bureau has a really large collection of maps and data available to explore.

Adding to this, we have the CIA World Factbook which has a lot of relevant country information but not in an open standards format. My last post highlighted how you could use CasperJS to scrape and transform that data into CSV or JSON files. But, let’s explore non-government data sets and geo resources:

You can find some more data resources here and here, as well as in the list below:


Project Open Data
ESRI toolbox and tool(s) that export ESRI Feature Classes to open data formats
Dynamically generate RESTful APIs from static CSVs
Dynamically generate RESTful APIs from the contents of a database table
Country Data using Wolfram Alpha
Latitude and Longitude codes of US Cities
Geography on Reddit
Data JSON Gist Results
USGS ecosystems data
Rankings of Countries
ArcGIS Data Search
Google Earth Forums
DBpedia for Wikipedia data
Feedity – create RSS feed from any website
Open NASA Project
Library of Congress Geography and Map Reading Room
FlowingData – Data Visualization, Infographics, and Statistics
The Guardian Data Blog
Mapping and Geo APIs
GADM database of Global Administrative Areas
OpenStreetMap Potential Datasources
Free Spatial Data from DIVA GIS
Cloudmade Downloads

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