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Collection of Great StackOverflow Answers

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Best StackOverflow Questions and Answers

I have been recently reading about some complaints regarding StackOverflow which I cannot agree with as I think SO is an amazing resource and I have had no trouble in getting good answers very quickly on that platform. I also really like how you can run all kinds of queries on StackOverflow data which is very helpful. This allows you to generate some interesting Stack Overflow stats, graphs, and visualizations. Personally, I was interested in collecting some noteworthy programming questions and answers. Here are some of my hand picked StackOverflow links:

Best way to learn how to program
Understanding database indexing
preventing SQL injection in PHP
looping through array with JavaScript
understanding JavaScript closures
SQLite vs MySQL
Comparing popular JS frameworks
Understanding Randomness
Best comments in source code
Access pictures in android app

How to send 100K emails
Backbone.js versus Knockout.js
Angular.js versus Backbone.js
Hidden Features of MySQL
Difference between C and C++
oAuth versus OpenID
Print 1 to 1000 without a loop
List of Free Programing books
Most influential programming books
Vertical align UILabel

Object comparison in JS
HTML canvas JavaScript libraries
Remove duplicates from JS array
detect the same user without cookies or localstorage
Ant versus Maven
List of .NET SDK Tools
List of strange language features
Performance of sorted array versus unsorted array
Regex to match string not containing a word
Understanding Matrix Transforms

Solr versus Sphinx for full text search
Architectural differences between Solr and ElasticSearch
List of technology podcasts
Difference between apply and call in JS
Controversial programming opinions
Load js file in another JavaScript file
range() in JavaScript
Decode Handlebars HTML entity
CSS Curved Shadows
close or hide the android soft keyboard

Activity restart on Android rotation
Hidden Features in Android
Android Saving Activity state
Corona vs Phonegap vs Titanium
Data Structures for Redis
Image comparison algorithms
Android Overlapping Views
PHP reference for operators and symbols
Passwords: char[] versus String
Grabbing a query string in JavaScript

When to use UDP over TCP
Comparing loops in JavaScript
Redirecting pages in JavaScript
Asynchronous IO in Scala
Understanding Strict Mode in JavaScript
add an empty directory to git
Git edit incorrect commit message
Closest string match using Levenshtein distance
AWS vs Heroku
Check for undefined in JS

POST versus PUT in REST
Are reverse loops faster in JavaScript?
list of hidden features in C#
Understanding Big O
Tips for 3D Game Development
Data Structures for message passing in a program
Interview questions for a JavaScript developer
Best Practices in object oriented JavaScript
Resources for database performance optimization
Top Rated JS Blogs

Remove property from JS object
Learn from these common database development mistakes
Understating SQL Joins
mysql inner vs outer join
Python Hidden features
List of Best C++ books
Useful and less known data structures
How to write a compiler
Preventing people from slamming your website
Optimizations of modern JavaScript engines

Favorite programmer cartoon
Parsing xHTML with Regex
Productive VIM shortcuts
Getting Started with Node.js
Guide to Form based authentication
Recursively Reversing a Linked List in Java
How do emulators work?
Getting started with Haskell
List permutations of a string or integer

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