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Automate SlideShare Creation with JavaScript and APIs

programmatic automation

I am a big fan of SlideShare and automation so today I want to show how you can programatically create a slideshow with JavaScript and upload it to your account with the SlideShare API. I am going to use jsPDF to generate a PDF file from images and text. When the pdf is created, I will use the upload_slideshow API call to upload the pdf into awesome slides on SlideShare. And the slides will be the actual steps to do this. Let’s start.
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Most Repinned Pinterest Pins by Website

pinterest api

I was playing with the Pinterest API today and I think it can be quite helpful in gathering some interesting data on websites and pins. One of the things you can do is list the most repinned photos for any domain over a certain time period. Since I have previously talked about the most popular websites on Pinterest, I now want to expand on that and list the most popular pins from the top Pinterest domains. RJmetrics recently did some analysis on most shared Pinterest websites so I will leverage that data for the 5 out of the top 20 domains on Pinterest. I will use the Get the most repinned Pins endpoint to get our results.

Most Repinned Pins for Most Popular Websites on Pinterest
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Most Popular Image Sources on Pinterest

popular picture sources on pinterest

Have you ever wondered where do most of the photos on Pinterest come from? What are the most popular Pinterest photo sources? While Tumblr, Flickr, and Etsy make sense, I was surprised to see recipes websites make the top 10 (but I guess that is due to my lack of interest in food recipes – it also explains their acquisition of PunchFork).

Zoomsphere collects a lot of interesting data on social sites and below you will see the top 12 most popular websites (image sources) on Pinterest:
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Social Media Explained

Social Media

Have you seen the Social Media Explained photo above? I just saw it the other day and thought it was a great way to quickly understand what the big social websites are all about. But, where is Tumblr? And the Google Plus description could be better, even though I do feel like Google plus is getting way more use among employees in general. Even though this is probably made as a joke, I think its a good example to people who think about creating social websites: you should be able to define your idea in a really simple and concise statement. Now, if I could improve this list a little, it would read like this:
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