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Bootstrap WordPress Theme

Last updated on June 15, 2012 in Development

Bootstrap WordPress Theme

New Free WordPress Theme: WP-bootstrap, Bootstrap WordPress Theme

I love Bootstrap, it’s essentially just one awesome CSS file, a great base for typography, forms, buttons, tables, grids, navigation, and more. It’s fast and well written, plus it is cross-browser optimized. Right now Bootstrap is not available for WordPress on the WordPress Free Themes Directory so I decided to develop the theme and offer it for free.

You can download it here: WP-Bootstrap

Demo is coming soon.

I have considered two alternatives that are worth mentioning: Exegesis Framework and Bones. These both are great, they are smaller, but Bootstrap gives you a lot more.

Update: So, Bootstrap is available for WordPress, it just wasn’t on the Free Themes Directory. There are actually a couple different themes:

Rachel Baker’s Bootstrapwp
Envex’s Bootstrap-WordPress
Facens Bootstrap for WordPress

So, now, if you want Bootstrap for WordPress, you have some choices. I learned a lot about WordPress when making this theme.

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