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Best Programming Cheat Sheets

Last updated on June 30, 2016 in Development

Web Development Cheat Sheets

Cheat Sheets on Web Development are a great way to quickly look up information. I was not aware that there are many really good programming-related cheat sheets out there for many subjects in different formats. Lots of topics, from JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and HTML to Perl, mySQL, Regex, and even more specific subjects like mod_rewrite, Google Analytics parameters, and object oriented design. In terms of format, I think PDF’s are best because they are nice to view and easy to print. Over time, I have collected some of the best Programming Cheat Sheets and the links below will take you straight to the PDF version of these awesome references:

FlexBox Cheat Sheet
jQuery Cheat Sheet
Perl Cheat Sheet
Another Perl Cheat Sheet
Javascript Cheat Sheet
mod_rewrite Cheat Sheet
CSS Cheat Sheet
HTML Character Entities Cheat Sheet
mySQL Cheat Sheet
Another mySQL Cheat Sheet
jQuery Mobile Cheat Sheet
GA utm Paramaters Cheat Sheet
Object Oriented Design Cheat Sheet
HTTP Status Codes Cheat Sheet
Networking Cheat Sheet
Regex Cheat Sheet
Linux Cheat Sheet

These cheat sheets have been mostly collected from Cheatography and, where you can find more of these types of helpful references. Finally, in terms of JavaScript, this link has some really valuable information on JavaScript idioms and patterns conveyed in simple terms.

Update. Peteris Krumins posted a great Linux GNU Cheat Sheet. He also has a great blog post on perl one-liners. In terms of design, this is a Form Design cheet sheet. And, finally, I like MOZILLA DEVELOPER NETWORK CSS Reference which lists all standard CSS properties, pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements, @-rules, and selectors in alphabetic order.

Update: In terms of code, dochub is an amazing, fast documentation and reference search for CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and more. Also, here is an image of a cool HTML5 Cheat Sheet. Finally, CSS3 click chart is a great interactive cheat sheet for CSS3.

Here are some more:

HTML5 Cheat Sheet
Web Content Accessibility CheckList
Drupal 7 Cheat Sheet
Nihilogic’s WebGL Cheat Sheet
Nihilogic’s HTML5 Canvas Cheat Sheet
10 InfoGraphics on HTML5
html5 security cheatsheet
NodeJS Cheat Sheet
D3 Cheat Sheet
Git CheatSheet
SEO CheatSheet
Mod_perl Quick Reference Card
Subversion Cheat Sheet
How does DNS work?
WordPress Help Cheat Sheet
Unix Quick Reference
Closure Cheatsheet
package.json cheatsheet
Easing functions cheat sheet
favicon cheat sheet
ios7 design CheatSheet
CSS3 Animation Cheat Sheet
Mobile Design Cheat Sheet
WordPress Template Hierarchy
WordPress DataBase Schema
FlexBox CheatSheet
CSS Cheat Sheet
jQuery UI Events Cheatsheet
CSS Transitions CheatSheet
HTML5 Security CheatSheet
HTML5 CANVAS Cheat Sheet

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