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Awesome JS10K HTML5 Games

Last updated on February 9, 2015 in Development

best html5 games

It’s 2015 and I wanted to follow up to an older post on HTML5 games with a new listing of some amazing, simple, and addictive games written in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. I have been a fan of 10K Apart and the contest has a lot of great games that have been developed in very little code. This often includes all kinds of compression, minification, and even using JavaScript code inside of images to reduce the total size of the project. Its amazing how much you can create in just 10k of code. Here are my favorite 35 HTML5 games from this contest:


HTML5 Blackjack game like the popular casino game.

Air Strike

This is game is very addictive. You are an air traffic controller and need to land three different types of aircrafts securely while many more are on their way to the airport. This game has code hidden inside of an image but I have uncompressed it over here if you want to see how the game was built.

7 Spades

Another HTML5 Card Game for 4 people where you can play with computers.

Chess Bored

HTML5 Chess Game where you can copy a string and play multiplayer!


Solitaire Game in HTML5


HTML5 Game where you spot Fake words among Real ones


HTML5 Maze Game where you need to solve the maze in as little steps as possible.

Defend Yourself

HTML5 Game where you need to shoot balls falling on your base out of your way!

Hang Math

HTML5 Hangman Game based on math

Last Man Standing

Survive the zombie apocalypse with this HTML5 Game where you shoot and move to stay alive.

Here are 25 more HTML5 Games from JS10K:

Afro Gorillas
10K Racer – and here is the 1k version.
River of Doom
10K Sniper
10K Snake
Classic Pong
Snake with Letters
Recall Memory Game
Click on Falling Slices
CSS3 Memory Game
Video Poker
Stairs to Heaven

If you are interested in more HTML5 games which are created from very little code, go check out the JS1k contests which feature different projects that are all under 1K in size.

Other HTML5 Games

HTML5 Tetris Game for jQuery

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