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2012 Advent Calendar Articles

Last updated on December 27, 2012 in Design, Development

top programming links of 2012

Every year, a handful of websites publish daily articles on some interesting subjects for the first 24 days of December. I have first seen this advent calendar of tech posts on 24ways a couple of years ago. This year, 24ways has once again delivered some great posts on web design and development goodness. A few days ago, I was also introduced to a great HTML5 and CSS3 advent calendar from DigitalPaint. Even my favorite magazine, The Economist, does a seasonal christmas countdown of the most popular maps and charts in December. Below, I am going to give you a quick summary, or alternative title with links, of all the 2012 Advent Calendar Articles on Development and Design:


  1. Adding Bumpers to HTML5 Video
  2. How to Start a New Design Project
  3. Sharing and Contributing Online
  4. Colour Accessibility in Web Design
  5. Responsive Design and Performance
  6. CSS3 Animations and Transitions
  7. Importance of Planning in Development
  8. Working with CSS Animations and Transitions
  9. Reactive Web Design
  10. Responsive Images and the picture element
  11. Benefits of Early Prototyping
  12. Understanding Design Systems
  13. Media Queries and Responsive Design
  14. Advice on Design Research
  15. Object-oriented CSS Development
  16. Quick Design Tips
  17. Handy Pieces of Code
  18. Internet Explorer’s CSS3 Grid Layout
  19. Mapping with Geolocation API
  20. Content Planning
  21. In-page Off-screen Transitions
  22. Nintendo’s Wii U Browser
  23. Thoughts on Pricing
  24. Science and Design


  1. Using the Web Notifications API
  2. Using EventSource to Grab Server-side Events – more good information about EventSource here
  3. Better Web Typography
  4. Visual Effects Using CSS Filters
  5. Multi-column layouts with CSS columns property
  6. WebRTC and getUserMedia
  7. Using the Battery API
  8. Using the Page Visibility API
  9. Using the Fullscreen API
  10. Using the Web Audio API
  11. New features of CSS text-decoration property
  12. Using the File API
  13. Dynamic Linear Gradients
  14. Using the Network Information API
  15. Cross Fade CSS Backgrounds
  16. Using Device Orientation
  17. Using the Calc() CSS function
  18. Using CANVAS as a CSS background
  19. Flow and CSS Regions
  20. New Features in HTML5 Forms
  21. Wrap-flow and CSS Exclusions
  22. HTML5 drag and drop API
  23. Using the Pointer Lock API
  24. Predictions for the Future

Are there any other technology websites with good advent calendars that I missed?


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