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10 Must See HTML5 Games

Last updated on September 11, 2012 in Development

Best HTML5 Games

I rarely play games but I find it amazing how technology has progressed to a point where you can play awesome games with just HTML5. Most of these games have been developed in flash in previous years but everything is slowly moving to html5 and css3. I was recently amazed at how addictive some of these games are, even the really simple ones. Here is a collection of 10 games that I like the most:

  1. HTML5 Pacman – good old PacMan, simple, clean, and addictive old school game done in HTML5.
  2. CanvasRider – Popular gravity game of riding a bike on different canvases.
  3. Doodle Jump Game – Cool Jumping Game in HTML5 API and Canvas
  4. 3d Rubik’s Cube – interesting implementation of Ribik’s Cube using CSS3 and HTML5 (works only in Chrome and Safari)
  5. Solitr – a great solitaire card game with source on github.
  6. HTML5 Duck Hunt – the old duck hunt game in HTML5
  7. Memory Game in HTML5 – memory game built with Angular JS.
  8. HTML5 Sliding Puzzle – sliding puzzle game in HTML5 and built with Angular JS.
  9. HTML5 Chess – there are many chess games in HTML5 but this one is done under 1Kb lines of code.
  10. Ball Droppings – really cool audi-visual game where balls fall from the top of the screen and you need to draw lines with the mouse to bounce them off.

If you are looking for more HTML5 games, check out some of the links below:

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Scirra Arcade – online HTML5 arcade for games made with Construct 2

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Top 10 HTML5 Games of 2012

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